Will miraDry® Help Treat Excessive Sweating?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 06/10/2021

Are you constantly trying to hide sweat stains or mask unpleasant body odor? You may be a candidate for miraDry treatment for hyperhidrosis.


What Not To Put On Your Skin After Microneedling With PRP

Dr. Lily Phillips | 06/04/2021

Ensure speedy healing and optimal results by knowing what skincare products you can and can’t use after a microneedling with PRP treatment.


How Does BioTE® Boost Libido In Men And Women?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 05/21/2021

Has your sex drive taken a hit over the years? If menopause, andropause, or hormone imbalance are affecting your libido, BHRT may offer a solution.


How Many Sessions Are Needed For CoolTone® Treatment?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 05/11/2021

Already tried everything to get rid of your mommy pooch and tummy pudge? Discover how CoolTone may finally give you the body of your dreams.


Will miraDry® Make You Sweat In Other Places?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 05/06/2021

Worried that reducing underarm sweating with miraDry for hyperhidrosis will make you sweat more in other places? You may be pleasantly surprised!


How Can PRP Improve The Body’s Natural Healing Process?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 04/23/2021

Learn how the regenerative properties of your blood can help the body heal from certain injuries and enhance the results of some cosmetic treatments.


Will The Results Of CoolSculpting® Last Forever?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 04/13/2021

Say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to a slim new figure with noninvasive CoolSculpting! Discover how long you can expect your results to last here.


Why Does PRP Enhance the Appearance of Your Skin?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 03/21/2021

Platelet-rich plasma injections are an advanced form of skin rejuvenation. Learn how PRP treatment in Murrieta, CA can smooth out wrinkles and more.


How Long Will a miraDry® Treatment Last?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 03/16/2021

Dealing with excessive armpit sweating? The advanced miraDry treatment can address underarm sweat and hyperhidrosis for patients in Murrieta, CA.


Can Fat Come Back After CoolSculpting®?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 03/03/2021

Stubborn fat can make you feel self-conscious. Learn about noninvasive body contouring through CoolSculpting and how to maintain long-term results.


Microneedling vs Microneedling with PRP: What is the Difference?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 02/18/2021

Microneedling is a great way to reduce skin issues; however, when combined with PRP, patients can expect even greater and longer-lasting results.


How Does BioTE® Treatment Help Vaginal Dryness in Women?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 02/11/2021

Vaginal dryness can be caused by an imbalance in estrogen but can be effectively treated through BioTE hormone replacement therapy.


Will CoolTone® Help Lift My Buttocks?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 02/04/2021

CoolTone is a nonsurgical body contouring treatment that uses magnetic muscle stimulation to tone, shape, and lift your glutes for a tighter booty.


What Are the Side Effects of miraDry® for Underarm Sweat?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 01/20/2021

Hyperhidrosis can cause excess underarm sweating. Learn about miraDry side effects and how this effective procedure can stop underarm sweat.


Can PRP Therapy Reverse Thinning Hair?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 01/13/2021

Does a thinning hairline affect your confidence? Platelet-rich plasma offers great hair restoration results. Learn about PRP therapy at our clinic.


How Many CoolSculpting Treatments Are Needed For Belly Fat?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 01/06/2021

Looking for nonsurgical fat reduction in the abdomen? Learn how CoolSculpting works and how many treatments are needed to get your desired results.


Three Areas Of The Body Toned With CoolTone

Dr. Lily Phillips | 12/15/2020

A closer look at nonsurgical body sculpting with CoolTone, including how it works and where it can be used to help achieve a fit and healthy new look.


How Long Do CoolSculpting Results Really Last?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 12/10/2020

Get the skinny on CoolSculpting fat reduction, including how it works, where it’s used, and how long you can expect to enjoy your slim new figure.


What Are The Benefits Of Microneedling With PRP For Facial Skin?

Dr. Lily Phillips | 12/02/2020

Did you know that making tiny micro-injuries to the skin can actually help your complexion? Learn more about microneedling with or without PRP.


Seven Signs You Are A Candidate For BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. Lily Phillips | 11/25/2020

Hormone imbalance symptoms include fatigue and sudden weight gain. Learn about the benefits of hormone replacement therapy by contacting our clinic.


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